PRINT – To produce one or more copies of a text or image on a surface.

A mark or impression made in or on a surface by pressure: the print of footsteps in the sand.
A device or implement, such as a stamp, die, or seal, used to press markings onto or into a surface:   fancy letters made by hand-carved prints. . Something formed or   marked by such a device.
Text, lettering, or other marks produced in ink from type as by a printing press or from digital fonts by   an electronic printer
A printed publication or edition of a text; a printing: The first print of a book
A design or picture transferred from an engraved plate, wood block, lithographic stone, or other medium: had prints of flowers hanging on the walls.
A photographic image transferred to paper or a similar surface.

A copy of a movie made on film or in a high resolution digital format, as for public exhibition. A fabric or garment with a dyed pattern that has been pressed onto it, usually by engraved rollers  

 printed, printing, prints 

 To press (a mark or design, for example) onto or into a surface: tracks that were printed in the snow.

 To make an impression on or in (a surface) with a device such as a stamp, seal, or die.

 To press (something, such as a stamp) onto or into a surface to leave a marking.
 To produce by means of pressed type, an electronic printer, or similar means, on a paper surface       printed more copies of the ad.
 To offer in printed form; publish: The publisher collected the essays and printed them as a book.
 To reproduce (a digital document or image) on a paper surface: printed the e-mail.
 To convert (a digital document) into a file format designed for publication.
 To write (something) in characters similar to those commonly used in print.
 To impress firmly in the mind or memory: ax experience that will be printed in our hearts forever.
 To produce a photographic image from (a negative, for example) by passing light through film onto a     photosensitive surface, especially sensitized paper.
 To produce (an electronic component) by mechanically transferring a circuit or circuit pattern ontonon conductive surface.
 To fabricate (an object) by means of a 3D printer.