CAD Cut & Heat Transfer Printing

HEAT PRESS TRANSFER PRINTING – is probably the best choice for a small business, and we are not talking here about starting a clothing line. The heat press transfer technique consists on printing a transparent ink with the use of a computer on a special piece of paper ( Inkjet transfer paper). Full colour images and of a very high quality can be printed, then applied to the cotton garment and pressed in the heat press. The usual temperature is 180 degrees for 10 – 30 seconds. With the heat transfer, you can print complex designs, with many colours. The advantage is that the colours don’t require to be applied separately. The heat press transfer is ideal for creating fast customized t-shirts.The bad thing is that the coloured picture can be applied only on light t-shirts, because the colours in the design might be affected by the t-shirt colour. Even that it’s fast and easy to print a t-shirt with the heat press transfer, the feel on transfer is heavy, and it cracks easily.

This is a great process for small runs or even a single garment as the set up costs are low. Your artwork is printed onto a special heat transfer material using our Computer Aided Design (CAD) software and hardware. The image is then placed in position on the garment and transferred using a special heat press. There is a variety CAD cut materials including flock, film, premium glow in the dark, premium nylon fluorescent, glitter, reflective (for safety wear) and puff 3D texture.

Heat transfer vinyl is not headed towards mass production, because of the heavy feel of the transfer and also because many colours printing are hard to achieve and need separately heat transfer.There are 50 colours to chose from, including florescent colours. This technique is perfect of you want a t-shirt with a distinct lettering.


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