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SCREEN PRINTING – It’s the most commonly used method for t-shirt printing.It uses screens pressed up against cloth to place paint onto shirts one colour per screen. Each press uses a single colour, so that means that for a t-shirt design that has 5 colours, you will need 5 separate screens. Screen printing is high quality, professional looking, durable, and can be very price effective on volume orders. Some cons might be the fact that it’s messy to work with many screens, and if you want to do one t-shirt or two, that’s definitely not the right choice for printing. Also, screen printing has setup fees, depending on the number of the colour screens to be burned. Concerning the colours of the t-shirt, if you want to print on dark t-shirts, there is a white under base that needs printed first.

Screen Printing up to 8 colours

This is a good choice for larger batches of garments. The set up costs are higher than for Heat Transfer Printing, but the per-garment cost is lower.

This is a technique which uses a screen with open areas on a silk (now synthetic) mesh that transfers ink as a sharp-edged image on to the garment. The open areas are the design, a squeegee is moved across the the screen, transferring ink through the open areas and on to the garment. The water based ink is then heat cured into the garment making it durable and suitable for machine washing & a long colourfast life.


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