Privacy / One Way Mirror Film

Speciality Vinyls

For privacy and security our one way mirror film is the solution.The mirror film works in conjunction with the difference in light levels between the rooms to create a perfect mirror outside and an extremely clear transparency from the inside.

Etched Vinyl

Speciality Vinyls

The etched vinyl gives a sandblasted / frosted look that you see applied to café and pub windows. It helps to let light in whilst maintaining a bit of privacy so is also ideal for interior uses such as meeting room and cash office windows etc.Each type of etched vinyl has a different transparency characteristic and for each product below there is a photo that illustrates how the etched film will look under 4 different conditions.

Safety Films

Safety film is a clear film that forms a single membrane that keeps the glass in one piece.This can protect the occupants in conditions such as break-ins, vandalism and explosions (depending on the grade of material).Suitable for applications where the temperature is -20° to 80°C and has a 15-20 years durability. Do not apply any stickers, or any other type of adhesives on the film.


Coloured Static Cling Vinyl 


Thickness In Microns Finish Of Vinyl Type Of Adhesive On Vinyl Guaranteed Exterior Life Of Vinyl In Central European Climate Minimum Service Temperature Maximum Service Temperature
A soft PVC static cling vinyl suitable for interior and exterior use. Its clinging properties work on both sides (except silver and gold) so it adheres to smooth and glossy surfaces, such as shop windows, without adhesive.You don’t even need application tape to apply it, just transfers straight from the backing paper onto your window. It is reusable and can be removed without a residue.Static cling is also available in a digital printable version.