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Vehicle & car Signage,Graphics & Decals
. Vehicle advertising is one of the most cost effective ads with the most visual impact.
Branding is key to creating a niche in your market, by using your vehicle you embed your brand directly into the community. Graphics can be tailored to fit your local demographics. This is a perfect way to reach other qualified buyers along your delivery routes. You can see what we do at- Mantra Design Print -SwanseaVehicle Decal
You know, I think vehicle advertising is really effective if you’ve got a small local business. Take my brother, for example. He owns a small contracting company and all his vans are signed up ,some have full vehicle and some just rear window graphics, others just have magnets. It’s not only when you’re driving around town that you get exposure, but also when you’re parked in front of a client’s house or just in a public parking lot. My brother gets so many leads because of his vehicle advertisements. He says that the key is having a good quality sign made. His favourite company is Mantra Design Print in Swansea.
Vehicle signage and car decals are extremely effective. With a full vehicle signage just driving around for one day could expose your graphics to anywhere from 30,000 to 70,000 views. Not to mention that vehicle graphics are the most cost effective way to market yourself per impression. Consumers are no longer wowed by the billboards and flyers and ad-pages adverts that old marketing techniques called for. Consumers are demanding an advertising medium that grabs their attention and vehicle signage does exactly that at a reasonable one off cost.

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